Wisper Fluffy Kid Mohair

Wisper Fluffy Kid Mohair - $2.95 per skein

1 Skein - 20 yards

70% Kid Mohair with 30% Nylon for strength.

A very fine fuzzy single yarn.


It is usually necessary to ply up to a thickness that will cover your canvas.


It is OK to double this yarn over in your needle.


It may also be brushed to give a fuller effect.


Combine it with another, stronger yarn such as Designer's Dream to give it even more strength.


(4 strands on 13-14 count canvas, 2 strands on 18 count and 1 strand on 22 count)

Made in Italy.

Hand Washable.

Available in the following Colours:


W61 - Dark Grey Heather

W62 - Charcoal Heather

W64 - Beige Heather

W68 - Dark Tan

W69 - Coffee Brown

W75 - Brown

W76 - Dark Brown

W77 - Russet

W89 - Ecru

W90 - Tan

W97 - Dark Gray

W98 - Gray

W99 - Black

W101 - Pearl Gray

W102 - Dark Pearl Gray

W105 - Hazelnut

W106 - Dark Hazelnut

W107 - Antique White

W109 - Mink

W110 - Elephant Gray

W111 - Honey Blond

W112 - Taupe Heather

W113 - Palamino

W114 - Camel

W116 - Fox Red

W117 - Root Beer

W118 - Dark Chocolate

W119 - Espresso

W120 - Chinchilla