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        Crafter's Comfort Gloves      Crafter's Thumb Glove      Wrist Support Wrap           Crafter's Glove With                                                                                                                          Massaging Ergobeads 
          $18.95 / 1 pair              $22.95 each               $16.95 each                $29.95 each

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        Posture Plus Pillow                     Aromatherapy Relief Roll               Aromatherapy Comfort Pillow
              $29.95                                      $22.95                                           $22.95

   Grabaroo's Gloves                                      Body Rite Posture Pleaser                      Thergonomic Hand-Aids
           $11.95                                                  $49.95                                             $16.95




Designed in the U.S.A. by an Orthopedic Surgeon.


Crafter's Comfort Glove

Available in Small, Medium and Large

A seamless, lightweight, soft cotton/lycra compression knit for a snug fit that warms and supports the hand. The unique design helps improve circulation, reduce swelling and relieve arthritis pain. The open fingertips allow full freedom to feel and grip all day. Wear by themselves or as glove liners for maximum comfort while you are doing your favorite activities. 

To select the correct glove size, measure the width of your palm at the knuckles:

Small - up to 3 1/8"

Medium - up to 3 1/2"

Large - up to 4" 

Key Benefits: 
  • Provides mild compression for warmth, support and to control swelling.
  • Open finger tips allow freedom to feel and grip.
  • Soft cotton/Lycra allows skin to breath and keeps hands dry.
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day and all night.
  • Sold in pairs, sizes Small, Medium and Large.
  • Easy care: Hand wash cold, air day.
  • Latex Free

Retail Price:  $18.95

Crafter's Thumb Glove

Available in Small and Medium

Glove provides flexible support while allowing full use of the thumb.

Helps prevent and relieve thumb pain caused by repetitive motion activities.

Features a foam wrist cushion and flexible thumb splints and is covered with breathable cotton/lycra fabric for easy comfort and easy care.

Provides stability and support to the thumb during crafting and is reversible to fit either left or right hand.

Retail Price:  $22.95

Wrist Support Wrap

Fits securely around the wrist, cushioning and protecting it during daily activities.

The unique combination of stretchy cotton/lycra and comfort foam provides maximum support.

All day comfort at home, work or while crafting.

Provides adjustable support and compression.

Hook and loop closure offers a custom fit, one size fits left or right hand.

Retail Price:  $16.95

Crafter's Comfort Glove with Massaging Ergobeads

Available in Small and Medium

Prevent and relieve wrist pain during long periods of use when doing needlework, beading and other craft activities.

Features massaging ergoBeads pad on the underside of the wrist cushion and protects tender areas.

Helps ensure ergonomically correct wrist position during activities, increases comfort and circulation and helps prevent and relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Cushions and protects the underside of the wrist, reversible to fit right or left hand.

Retail Price:  $29.95

Posture Plus Pillow 

A firm cushion that follows the curve of the back that provides support for sitting or laying down.

Filled with soft yet supportive memory foam for comfort during long periods of time; the memory foam follows the small of the back and encourages ergonomically correct posture while seated.

The tie straps can be fastened to chair so the cushion stays in place, or to the waist so it goes with you.

Washable and latex-free.

Retail Price:  $29.95

Aromatherapy Relief Roll

Use for neck and shoulder support, low back support and knee support.

Great for home use and travel.

Provides the calming effects of lavender and naturally cool comfort and support.

Retail Price:  $22.95

Aromatherapy Comfort Pillow 

Great for home use and travel.

Provides the calming effects of lavender.

Naturally cool, comfortable support for neck and spine.

Retail Price:  $22.95

Grabaroo's Gloves

Available in Small, Medium and Large

Grab a pair of these handy finger friends today...ideal for quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, crafting and more!

Protect hands and fingers from pin pricks, scissor cuts and everyday germs.

These form fitting gloves, made of 95% nylon/5% spandex, feature grips on every finger to protect in everyday use.

Comfortable to wear hand protection gives you amazing dexterity to pick up pins, cut with scissors and hold together cloth.

Retail Price:  $11.95

Thergonomic Hand-Aids

Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

A simple way to relieve the painful stress and strain on hands that commonly afflicts expert sewers and quilters.

The gloves' hand-hugging blend of nylon and stretch Spandex creates a firm pressure that will massage your hands and wrists as it supports them.

They also help contain body heat for enhanced circulation.

Retail Price:  $16.95

Body Rite Posture Pleaser

An ergonomic posture aid that reduces neck and upper back pain.

One size fits all.

Doctors recommend and prescribe it because it reduces muscle forces that cause back pain by as much as 79%.

Great for sewing and quilting, but anyone who depends on their back to perform their work can use one.

Retail Price:  $49.95